I don’t know if this will ever be posted, ‘cause I’m not even writing to post. It’s just 3:02AM and I’m supposed to be sleeping because I have class at 8:00AM and above all I’m sick. I’m just mumbling while I listen to “This” from Ed Sheeran. It’s been a while… and I have all this feelings mixed. I want to do a lot of things and I don’t know how to get them in order; to just start and do them and well, finish them. I want to do movies, also start a youtube channel where I can express myself and let others they are not alone on whatever thing they like or are feeling. I want to finish my book, do a master on sfx makeup and travel… Man, I want a lot of things and I don’t know where to start… Is it stupid to also want love? Like, I don’t know if it’s kinda stupid comparing to all the things I want to do, but I also want to fall in love. I’ve said it here before. I want to be in love. Fall hard and be heartbroken about it. I sleep like a bear in hibernation, then why I can’t fall asleep now?! I’ve been a little lonely lately. Not lonely as “ugh I don’t have any friends”, lonely as in “my feelings”. I hope that somebody gets me…


2018 Resolutions

-Eat healthier


-Procastinate less

-Speak out my feelings


-Write more

-Practice more french

-Learn korean

-Be greatful

-Joke without hurting


This’s my first post ever in this blog. Above, are my resolutions for this year and I hipe to fulfill them gracefully until I’m satisfied with my mind and body. Don’t get me wrong, I live myself, but I know that I could do better in my job. My job of being a person, a person who shares and speaks its mind, someone who jokes around without being mean, be more conscious about the power of words. Moreover, I want to learn to to take care of my body by trying to eat healthier food and exercising. Maybe some of this resolutions sound dumb, but if is 2018 and you still don’t get that we all are unique and battle different wars, then you need help my friend.

I want to upgrade myself, change the details about me that could improve my personality. I want to be free, travel and enrich myself with other cultures, discover new food and expand my taste buds. I want to spend more time with my family and I want to fall in love, be heartbroken and cry of laughter with my friends. I know that all I say is about wanting and no action; so let’s start the year with positive vibes, you, anyone who’s reading this, there could be disaster, death, sadness in your life, but a little hope never hurt anyone and you deserve to want. To want love, travel, change, money, laughter, all if you fight for it.

Be happy

and remember

that being alive is actually a privilage.